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3 x SP Sneaky Minnows

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3 x SP Sneaky Minnows

Product Information

SP Sneaky Minnow Bream - Bass - Trout  Specialist lures 

These mini sized 38mm SNEAKY MINNOWS are great at doing the job they're designed to do.Sneaky by name - Sneaky by nature, whether you're wanting to SNEAK a lure across the top of oyster racks chasing bream or SNEAK over weed beds & structure where you need to avoid snagging-up, or SNEAK up on fish laying in shallow streams & sandflats, the SNEAKY MINNOW will quickly become your first pick from the lure box. 
These mini lures swim shallow at around 2ft with the rod tip on the water, or swim them on or near the surface by high-sticking your rod tip when a surface presentation is required - even mid retreive ! 

Selling in Stores at the Recommended Retail Price of $14.90 ea  3 lures combined - RRP $44.70

Just advise us of your required 3 lure colours by quoting the code N0's below.


Mini 38mm specialist Sub-surface lure.
Proven slender body shape.
Handcrafted individual airbrushing.
Tough 'smooth edge' moulded polycarbonite bibs.
Super tuff plastic body with VMC trebles hooks !
Tight wobbling swim action.
Each lure tuned and swim tested.
Shallow-running floating lure ... 

Run them on or just below the surface (high off-water rod tip) or Dive them to 2ft (low on-water rod tip )

Watch these tight wobbling lures go to work - you'll get hooked on the SNEAKY MINNOW just as quick as the fish sneaking up on em !

Choose any  THREE  SP Sneaky Minnow Lures from the range of 25 colours below

sneakyluresFINAlnos.jpg picture by 777WMO

 1.Black scale/red - 2.Black/gold scale - 3.Clear/trout pattern - 4.Clear/brown back - 5.Brown trout - 6.Yellow/Red trout print -7.Blue multi spot - 8. Blue/yellow scale - 9.Blue one spot - 10. Black chrome scale -11.Green on chrome - 12.Black/green frog spot -  13.Yellow/Green/Black Zebra -14.Yellow/Green - 15.Yellow/Grey scale - 16.Olive/Clear - 17.Red/Gold Chrome - 18.Red fin -19.Deep pink - 20.Pink/Purple - 21.Pink/Scale - 22.Pink/White - 23.White/deep pink trout pattern - 24.Pink/grey/trout pattern -25. Grey/pink/trout pattern

   You get to choose any three coloured lures you want ... but ... here's an example ....... 

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Price: $44.70 $18.95

Product Code: 3I26
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