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CLICK HERE TO VIEW Customers Photos - submit your photo !

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Customers can submit their photos .


Hey Guys, you're welcome to send us your fly fishing photos, Gaz

Just email your fly fishing photos, location shots and any other fly fishing related photos to A1flyfishing@smartchat.net.au   Include photo captions with your name and location. 


Garry Hambly - Mangove Jacks still being caught at our Woolgoolga,Coffs Harbour base since 2006.


Customers Photos - submit your photo !

Just email your fly fishing photos, location shots and any other fly fishing related photos to A1flyfishing@smartchat.net.au  
Include photo captions with your name and location. 
Photo submission will be at the discretion of A1flyfishing.com.au


Matty Richardson goes from strength to strength with consistant quality catches in his Mackay, North QLD base. It's impressive to see the size of the fish he's regually taking on his South Pacific SR690-4 Rod and Eclipse Reel and SP Fly Lines and this is only a modest Sooty Grunty by Matty's standards !

Keep it up Matty, but I don't think you need any prompting though !



Whether Jason Jesse is playing with schools of Trevally on the Thrusday Island flats, or on another of his Torris Strait trips, he's always coming up with excepetional catches. Most fly fishers would be happy to add 1 BB to their species list, let alone a growing number ! The South Pacific SX890-4 & SX1090-4 Rods, Eclipse Reels and Fly Lines are certainly getting put to good use, well done Jason, Gaz

Jason's list goes on & on !!! ... now that's a serious Estuary Cod.



Mat just got back from a wirlwind of fishing across the United States, fishing Florida, Texas, Colorado, California and even Mexico. Mat put the South Pacific Fly LInes to good use across a BIG range of species including, Giant Tarpon, Bonefish, Red Fish, Snook, Peacock Bass and Brown Trout just to name a few !     We had trouble selecting just a couple of photos, but went with a couple of iconic Florida species being a Peacock Bass and a Giant Tarpon. Great work Mat.


Hudson Evans drifting nymphs under a strike indicator on the MacDonald River NSW rewarded him with 8 Rainbows to 50cm all taken with his newly aquired South Pacific Xcel 6wt Trout Outfit. "I sight casted an emerger to another too. Super stoked with all the gear. Thanks again for your help in getting started on the fly, safe to say I’m hooked ! " 

Doug Kimberley Flats fishing for Bonefish on Home Island, Cocos. The South Pacific SX8 rod worked really well, went well into my backing a couple of times, and back again, over a 15 to 20 minutes battle against a GT that turned up.

Glenn Edwards continues to catch fish every trip. And not just fish, but HUGE fish !!! Serious Spanish Mackeral & Golden Trevally taken on his South Pacific SX2 10wt.

Matty Richardson finds fish no matter whether he's in his local creeks or on the flats. Two good size fish taken on his South Pacific SR690-4 & Eclipse 567.

Glenn Edwards at it again !  Just one of his Cocos Island Bonefish taken on his South Pacific SX8 fly rod and Eclipse 1123 reel.

Matty Richardson putting his South Pacific SR690-4 and Eclipse 567 to good use on the Mackay QLD flats and creeks with some fantastic catches on his 6wt, as well as some heafty Sooties & Trevally !

Simon Fitzpatrick, Northern Rivers Sportfishing Guide, knows his way around just about every Bass impoundment and creek in far northern NSW but he ceratinly dosen't neglect any opportunity to cast a fly in the Cod creeks. Two nice Cod taken with his South Pacific Eclipse reel. One of Simon's many Australian Bass features on the South Pacific Bass Bug Fly Line box !



Lachie Stokes rewarded with a nice little Brown fishing a nymph under dry fly, in a local Vic stream on his new South Pacific SX 4wt combo. (Wow Lachie, it didn't take you long, from order delivery, to fish in hand - well done !)

One of our younger customers,Tom Short, has just reached his teens but he's already notching up independent catches seasoned veterans would be thrilled with. Apart from some hefty Rainbows, here's his first first spawn run Brown from the Eucumbene. He also managed an Atlantic Salmon in the lake, very rare, they haven’t released them deliberately since the 60s. Tom's even tying his own flies. His Dad says he's living and breathing Fly Fishing ! 

Grant Harvey - Exploring the Adelaide Hills country yielded his first Brown Trout on a #16 Mayfly Dunn dry fly with his South Pacific SX690-4 fly rod. "Right on dusk, I was stoked !" 


Peter Nicholls, with Sailfish taken off Rompin, Malaysia on his South Pacific BW121380-4 (12/13wt) Fly Rod. 

"The rod performed perfectly and brought the fish in around 7 minutes. The guide estimated the sail’s weight at 32- to -35 kilos. It was released in great condition ready to bring pleasure to the next angler"   (Fantastic effort Peter, Gaz)


Ben Shepherd - First fish on his new South Pacific SX 590-4 combo. Looking warm and snug too in his SP Coldstream Wading Jacket despite the chilly conditions. 


Sam Biddle didn't hold anything back, even head butting his SP Cap into the slippery river bank didn't stop him in his quest to fool tricky Browns on the Ahuriri River, in the Omarama area of NZ. Lot's of monster fish were sighted. Sam returned three fish back to this section of the river..


Todd Allen made his way to the Bariloche region of Argentinian Patogonia in search of BIG trout and he wasn't disappointed. The ultra-clear water made sighting fish easy, but super challenging to get fish to take.  "Gaz, the 7pc 5wt Travel Rod purchased from you, alongside the South Pacific V-Series reel and Trout Water lines couldn't be faulted. The Floating line was a dream to cast - Unbelievable value, Everything outperformed what I was expecting !"  Sounds like a dream trip mate, Gaz



 Glenn Edwards - Costa Rica  (Now that's a fish !!!) 

 Giant Tarpon around 120 lbs. Caught in the ocean side of the river mouth Rio Colarado. Costa Rica. Fishing lodge Brisa Del Mare.

 South Pacific BW1213-4  fly rod & Ecplice 1123 fly reel on 500 grain line. Took about 45-50 minutes to land. All up, 8 fish landed between 40 and 150lb. 


Garry, your South Pacific SR rods and Eclipse reels are great. I have been to Christmas Island twice now after bonefish and your wide arbor Eclipse reels are essential. Here's just one of the 50 plus fish I have landed there.

Alan MaGrath


Glenn Edwards is at again, in the Mackerel Islands WA !

BIG fish, in big bluewater, need a serioud rod and reel.                                                  South Pacific BW1213-4 + Eclipse 1123 reel ... that'll do it !     

I was amazed at how far I could cast with a WF Int line with the BW1213-4 rod. Due to the wind and boat drift I was doing flat casts to form horizontal loops that were as tight as any I have achieved before. Very impressive! 



 Mandy Saxon  - Fishing with Castaway Fishing Charters Port Macquraie     "Hi Garry, thanks again for the casting tuition. My casting has improved ALOT and I caught my first fish on fly ! " ... and a solid Bass at that - well done Mandy.

 Dean Corbett - New Year Flattie on the Frasier Island Flats. South Pacific SX rod - Eclipse reel - Estuary Environs Fly Line



Grant Harvey NZ trip. Central Otago river, South Island NZ. Rainbow Trout to around the 3.5 pound mark, mainly shallow riffle sight fishing on a stony bottom. Matched the hatch with nymphs and dry flys. The SP SR690-4 rod and Advance 78 reel was fantastic !



Don Cummings - Lake Rainbow before trekking the highland streams of the NSW Ebor Area. SP SX690-4 + Eclipse 567 reel


Gaz, a quck cast while Tutoring a Casting Student returned a nice Tailor on a Glassy Whitebait pattern from the rocks at Woolgoolga Back Beach NSW.



Jay Barker, Solid Kingfish on Norflok Island. SP BW1213-4 Bluewater rod + Eclpise 1123 reel



Glenn Edwards. Another one of his Exmouth Advientures. Red Bass + Long Tail Tuna.  SP SX990-4 and Eclipse 1123



Peter Murray, Christmas Island GT




Michael Martin, took to SWFFing while up in Exmouth, and caught this impressive 98cm queenfish from the beach on a South Pacific 8 weight saltwater combo, 8WFI line and 20lb leader and a white "fuzzle" fly tied on a #2. - Nice start Michael !


Gavin Scully - Typically with another nice fish - Christmas Island Bonefish !

Gaz - chasing Autumn Kingfish off the rocks. STF990-4 / Eclipse Reel / Fast Sinking SP Bluewater Line / Glass Minnow Fly 


David Taylor - Anglers Rest

Mark Keet - Perfect Auckland Bay day for some NZ Saltwater fly fishing with his South Pacific STF890-4 Hi-End Combo 


Daniel - First Outing after arriving home after attending our 'Intro to Fly Fishing Course' bags a double header of 2 solid bream with his new SP Salt Combo - wow !


Doug Urquhart -  having some fun amongst the Bass with his South Pacific NX480-4


Tom Davidson - Enjoying his South Pacific NX480-4 Hi-End Combo in Ontario, Canada  


The Prentice Brothers putting their skills to good use during a visit to the Townsville Barra park.


Summer Winners


Dean Milligan - A nice 7lb brown caught at Penstock lagoon (Tassie) on my beautiful South Pacific TR690-4 and SP Superior reel.

 Ken Browning - 1m+ Queenfish and Bonefish WA coast.

 Autumn Season Entries


Glenn Gabe - " Garry, my new rod worked well today on the carp in the back waters near Margon SA. Heres one at 11lb just beating another at 10lb.   ( South Pacific SPX890-4 Hi-end Combo + SP Majestic Fly Reel ).


Our Summer Photo Competition WINNER was ... 






Scott Soutar - Brown trout taken on a hopper on the Maquarie River , Cressy Tasmania - Feb 10 2011 
Congratulations Scott your SP Plasti-pak looped fly line is the way. 
Thanks to all who submitted photos , Happy fishing to you all ! 

 Summer Season Entries


Darryl Browning - Released brown trout !




Steven Smith - Mid 50's queenie taken on an 8wt on the inside of Fraser Island & a 31cm bream taken on a crazy charlie on the same trip




John Roberts -  Beautiful 'glistening' brown. 

  Our Winter Photo Competition WINNER was ...


 Ben Lane - 'Frozen Solid Fly' .... cold night fishing on the central tablelands, got to -6 degrees that night but still caught couple small rainbows !

Congratulations Ben your SP Plasti-pak looped fly line is the way.
We wish you 'warmer days 'ahead.

Thanks to all who submitted photos , Happy fishing to you all !  

 Winter Season Entries


Hugh Treseder - A  permit on the flats at a remote atoll off the Seychelles. No words can explain this feeling J 



Frank Gaudin - This Australian Salmon tipped the scale at 6.3kg. I caught it in the surf at Bremer Bay on 7 July 2010. The fly was a Chartreuse Clouser.  The day was a ripper. I caught and released a total of 7 Salmon.   

 2011  Autumn Season Entries


Hugh Treseder - I caught these in the Seychelles on fly and have never experienced power like it, both taken off the wings of huge stingrays, Awesome !!


Please email name and photo details.


Andy Jones - attached is a photo of a 7.5lb rainbow trout caught on a stonefly on the Central Plateau south of Turangi. Several other browns and rainbows were caught in the 4.5lb to 6lb range in one of the best days fishing I could have imagined.
I fished with John Somervell, a guide from Turangi.


Ken Browningqueenfish on fly. W.A.


Gavin Sculley's 85cm barra on fly at Manton Dam NT on a hand tied white clouser in July 2009, fish was released.


Please email name and photo details. 

 Our Spring Photo Competition WINNER was ...


Jorgen Skov, took this 47 cm Saratoga at a recent childrens Variety charity flyfishing competition at Borumba Dam Qld, It was third best in line of Saratoga taken duing the competition. "I fished a red nymph on a South Pacific TR690 rod and matching South Pacific 567 Superior reel."

Congratulations Jorgen your fly box is the way.
We wish you even greater success in competitons ahead.

Thanks to all who submitted photos , Happy fishing to you all !


Spring Season Entries 


 John Robberts - 5 1/2 lb NZ brown taken on size 14 cased caddis pattern


Nigel Youlden, Brown Trout, Eucumbene River, October 2008.

Our Winter Photo Competition WINNER was ...    



Evangeline Nicholas, Her first day fly fishing ! - 4.5lb brown trout - Whanganui river,north Island NZ - June 27th 2009. -  Played it out 4 times until she finally got it safely to the net. Green caddis nymph behind a tungsten bead head brown seal's fur nymph. Fished with patner Andy Jones and guide John Sommerville of Turangi

   Congratulations Evangeline your fly box is the way.
We hope all your fly fishing ahead is a good as your first day out !  

Thanks to all who submitted photos, Happy fishing to you all !

Winter Season Entries


Mick Bullen - "Hi just returned from a trip up to the Gulf. Smaller Barra landed on a 20 year old 7 Wt trout combo with a Pink thing fly into the Mangroves. Sorry but bigger Barra (insert) went 90Cm (25lb approx) the 7Wt was never going to cut it on these size fish. Had to resort to lures and bait casters "  


 Phil Butler -  " A nice Hen Fish about 2.5 lbs caught on a wooly bugger from Uncle Billys Retreat at Guyra NSW."



Luke A. Saffarek - " Brook Trout caught on a Muddler Minnow just outside of Smithers, British Columbia, Canada. It's a 10 minute walk in to this small lake, but it is full of these 'Brookies' and in the fall you can catch 10-20 an hour, each averaging about 18 inches. You may have noticed i didn't name the lake, that's because this is one of my secret spots, my favorite in the fall."



David Petty -  double header at Nojee, caugth with a dry fly/nymph combo. " that's twice it's happened on the same river ! "


Blind man fishing !
Yes Shane Sandford from Alberton S.A. is a legally blind angler and has only around 10% the normal vision the rest of us often take for granted. Shane spent time undertaking a weekend of tuition with Gazza at A1flyfishing's waterside location on the mid north NSW coast. Shane's first Saltwater fish was a Whiting ( small one for sure- but they all count). Many a fly angler would be happy to get any Whiting on their species list. Shane also went on to take 3 nice Flathead during the morning on the flats. A commendable effort and inspiration to us all.


Our JUNE winner Karl Svensen - Eucumbene River with another Brown and releasing the Big Brown that won him the JUNE comp. BELOW: Karl's Dad - Rolf Svensen with a late arvo Rainbow that took a glo bug rather than the trailing green nymph.



Tony Westbrook  "Good start to the season." Lake Barrington Tasmania

 June Photo Competition Winner !   

Congratulations to the winner of our customers' photo competition.  It was a unanimous decision around the office to award  the winning photo to Karl Svensen . All agreed it was a classic photo of Karl fitted out in classic attire in a very complimentary photo setting. It was not only a great catch, but a commendable effort for Karl to release the beautiful big brown trout as it was his first trophy size fish.  Karl your waterproof fly box is on the way. 

Thanks to all who submitted photos,Happy fishing to you all !


 Karl Svensen - Catch & Release Big Brown, Eucumbene River on fly 17th May 2009


  Rolf Svensen - 3lb rainbow / green nymph. Twilight at Eucumbene River 23rd May.


  Darren Scott - Brunswick River WA / Wild Rainbow Oakley Dam


  Ken Browning - First Golden Trev on fly. Exmouth


  Luke A. Saffarek  - Tigerfish from the Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa 


  Ken Browning First salmon on fly. Dunsborough W.A.



 Josh Kapotas -   Rainbow at night.  Buckenderra,

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