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South Pacific BW121380-4 Hi-End Bluewater Combo

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South Pacific BW121380-4 Hi-End Bluewater Combo

Product Information

South Pacific BW121380-4  ( 12/13wt - 8ft 0" - 4 section )

BW - Blue Water Series - Damn fast aggressive action fly rods ready to tackle any hard fighting Bluewater fish that wants to take you on from GT's to Sailfish.

"We took on the task of developing a serious bluewater fighting stick that wasn't compromised in anyway. The design emphasis was on the business end of serious bluewater fly fishing, the fight. So often rod choice is compromised having anglers opting for higher weight fly rods designed more for casting rather than being equipped with a specifically designed bluewater rod when teasing and chumming up fish. Setting the rod lengths at 8 feet has set the power point lower down toward the butt giving an incredible advantage to the angler in the ability to subdue fish quicker and with far more control."

The BW Series are super tough, super fast action big game fly rods that don't compromise on fighting ability. The extra strong responsive midnight black blanks possess incredibly fast recovery and come equipped with PAC BAY's CHANNEL LOCK® salt-resistant marine grade anodized aluminium reel seats with gimbals featuring fast-remove covers for when the fight gets dirty. Nothing was compromised during the design process including the inclusion of a composite cork fighting grip, oversize snake guides and tips and inclusion of the new minima4 stripping guides. Looking more excited than you to take on that serious opponent in open Bluewater or from your favourite rock fishing location the BW Series is a must have rod for the serious saltwater fly angler.

  • Advanced Nano Technology
  • Damn Fast Action
  • Midnight Coloured Blanks 
  • 4 Section Rods + Extra Tip Section Included (5pc)
  • Componentry by PAC BAY International USA
  • PAC BAY Minima4 Stripping Guides #20 #16
  • Triple Anodised PAC BAY CHANNEL LOCK® Double Uplock Reel Seats
  • Fast-Remove Covered Gimbals
  • Oversize Snake Guides/Tips
  • AAA Full Wells Grips + EVA/Cork butts
  • Zip-Top 600D covered Sectioned Rod Tube
  • Original Owner Lifetime Warranty

Newly developed high modulus aerospace-grade materials have taken Nano technology one step further producing the lightest weight to strength ratio ever developed. South Pacific's newly released fly rod series utilise this advanced Nano technology to move far beyond current blank builds and deliver exceptionally high quality advanced fly rods that stand alongside any international world class brand. South Pacific were the first Australian company to build with Pacific Bay International USA componentry and have now added another first using the newly developed PAC BAY minima 4 stripping guides. Designed specifically for fly rods with their stamped guide inserts, maximising inner guide diameters which equates to minimal resistance to shooting fly lines resulting in longer casting distances than ever experienced. Travelling fly fishers will appreciate the extra tip section that comes standard with all rods in each series so any accidental tip breakages don't ruin that long awaited fishing trip and the rods come presented in a zip-top 600D covered rod tube.


"Passion drives us at South Pacific and we're serious about what we build. We design and build from the ground up the entire product range and our new fly rod series were no exception. The development was a long passionate endeavour which has really paid off.  Our joint international design team just completed extensive Australian & USA trials and each of the 3 new rod series surpassed even our design team's high expectations ... "


South Pacific Fly Rods are currently disbributed and selling in the USA, Japan & Argentina at full recommened retail price.
Take advantage of our discounted prices. 

 Further BW rod details can be viewed in the BW rod listing on the website. 

South Pacific Eclipse 1123 Large Arbor Fly Reel    

 2 spool colour choices are available.

South Pacific continue to design and produce leading fly fishing gear and their newest fly reel stands at the forefront of modern fly reel design. The Eclipse is an outstanding reel design that offers large capacity on a modern large arbor concept. 

The Eclipse series is a fine example of where fly reels are heading built on the most advanced Teflon drag system available.  Heavily ported machined aerospace aluminium frame and spool offering a super lightweight reel that runs as smooth as silk with silent retrieve and low-tone out going click. The Eclipse series align with modern fly reels built on preferred larger arbors currently moving toward a welcomed wider spool to accommodate maximum line capacity.  

Enhancing the advanced design is a high quality triple anodising finish that delivers alternative colouring in either traditional semi-gloss all black reel or black frame with gun metal/gold edged spool. Machined aluminium capped handles in matching colours complement the spools. Internal Drag covers on both reels are anodised gold and the laser etched logos complete the stunning presentation. The 2 colour combinations come in 3 sizes and extra spools are available.
The perfectly balanced Eclipse series fly reels are equipped to handle all that is demanded of them in every fishing situation. 
    • Stainless steel componentry - no plastic parts or bushings
    • Precision machined 100% aerospace bar stock aluminum
    • Large arbor spool - exposed palming rim
    • Black Frames  - Spools in Black or Gold Lazer-etched Dark Gun Metal anodised aluminium finish
    • Teflon/FXB polymer disc 
    • Single clutch roller bearing + 2 precision sealed stainless steel bearings
    • Fully concealed maintenance free drag system 
    • Super-smooth silent retrieve - low tone out-going click
    • Compact knurled edged drag knob - fast and secure adjustment
    • Counter balanced spool
    • Convertible right or left hand wind
    • Anodised aluminium handles
    • Laser etched logo.
 Further Eclipse reel details can be viewed in Eclipse reel listing on the website.

South Pacific Bluewater Specialist Fly Line

A low stretch core incorporating a SPECIALIST weight forward head that is designed to provide quick casts with minimal backcasts so you can get your fly to the fish fast.  When you need to cast to your bluewater opponent whether it be long or short, often a quick cast is the best cast and the forward weighted head in this SPECIALIST bluewater line will have your fly to the fish fast !

3 options  ( Floating, Fast sink or Extra fast sink )


 Plus ... 

  • SP Fly Line Backing - 100m 30lb Braided Dacron Backing
  • SP Tapered Knotless Leaders - 5pcs 9ft Tapered Co-polymer
  • SP Tippet - 30m Spool Co-polymer 

 Recommended retail price of combined items  - $1230.00 



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