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White Dacron Fly Line Backing - 200m / 30lb

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White Dacron Fly Line Backing - 200m / 30lb

Product Information

200m - 30lb White Dacron backing is the best choice for fly reel backing 

Dacron backing won’t rot or mildew, and stores well on the reel. Backing info below supplied by ... 'The Fly Guides Tackle Tips'

 Backing serves several purposes. A big fish is going to run quickly and pull all of your fly line from the spool, and you will then need some extra line to hold them. If you have a big fish on, this is its primary role but it also serves another role, it fills up  the dead space on a spool. While not as critical on a large arbor reel, if fly line was wrapped directly around the shaft of an empty spool, it would retain line coils terribly when the diameter of a spool is small. Also the amount of line retrieved per handle rotation would be minimal. By building up the spool with backing, more line is retrieved quickly when winding the reel.

Backing is a necessity for an optimum performing system, but not just anything will work for backing material.
People have tried to use monofilament backing material, only to discover that it stretches when it was wound on the spool under tension, it tries to return back to its original size, often seizing up the spool on the shaft or worse yet, permanently damaging the entire reel. Braided monofilament backing is quite abrasive and can burn the anglers finger during unexpected runs while fighting a fish, whereas dacron backing is a smoother composition and less abrasive.

Most fly lines generally have a breaking strain of around 30lb. While the breaking strain of an outfit is determined by the tippet class, instances can occur where the actual fly line can become entangled when fighting a fish or around underwater structures. This is when the breaking strain of the backing needs to be at least equal to the fly line, so that if a break-off occurs the best chance of retaining the fly line is protected. If the backing is below 30lb , the backing will likely break thus resulting in the loss of an entire fly line. 

For this reason, 30lb braided dacron backing is the best choice for fly reel backing .

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