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A Bead Heads Nymphs TROUT flies Collection

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A Bead Heads Nymphs TROUT flies Collection

Product Information

The Beaded Nymphs TROUT flies Collection is a selection of the 24 most popular proven patterns to catch Trout.

Nymphs are one of the most productive ways to catch trout. 70% of a trout’s diet is subsurface, which means you’re most likely to catch fish on nymphs. If you’re seriously chasing trout, fishing nymphs is the best way to have a successful day on the water. 

Bead head flies are one easy way to quickly get a fly in front fish, even in deep water. A bead head adds weight to any nymph pattern and allows the angler to cast into a productive riffle and be sure their fly is spending the most amount of time in a fish’s feeding zone. If you’ve ever fished flies under an indicator, tight line nymphed, or euro nymphed, chances are you fished with a bead head fly. And if you haven’t yet, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our selection of 24 bead head flies is vast with all of the most popular patterns you need to have success on the water. 

 You get 24 Bead Head Nymphs in the felt lined pocket fly box as photographed in sizes  #12  #14  #16  #18


12 Patterns / 2 pc each -  24 flies in a fly box. 

Nymph-Head Copper John-Red, #16
 Nymph-Head Prince-Green, #14 
 Nymph-Head Pheasant Tail Flash-Black, #14 
 Nymph-Head Pheasant Tail Flash-Olive, #14   
Nymph-Head Pheasant Tail-Brown, #16
 Copper John-Beadhead, #14 
Zug Bug Nymph-Beadhead, #14   
 Pheasant Tail Nymph-Beadhead, #16
 Hares Ear Flash Back-Beadhead, #18   
 Hares Ear Nymph-Beadhead, #12
 Prince Nymph, #14
 Hares Ear Natural-Nymph, #14    

Clear Clip-lock fly box with ripple and slit foam. 


Professional flies by professional fly tiers. 
These professionals actually fly fish and understand the demands on flies to hold together when fished and to imitate accurately.


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