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A Complete Fly Tying Kit - 3 Vise options - vise & tools kit/threads/materials

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A Complete Fly Tying Kit - 3 Vise options - vise & tools kit/threads/materials

Product Information

The Complete Fly Tying Kits are a fantastic set-up to have you equiped with Vise of your choice from 3 options + 12 tools + 4pack tying threads + 25pc materials packs and a DVD with step-by-step instructions on tying some of the most valuable flies. This is a great kit for new fly tyers or those anglers looking to up grade to a complete kit.

You get:

  1. Your choice from 3 Vise & 10 Tools Wooden Boxed Kits (options in the dropdown menu below)
  2. 25pc Fly Tying Materials Pack
  3. 4pack Tying Threads - (Thread, Tinsel, Wool Dubb, Lead & Copper)
  4. DVD

Vise 1 - Super AA Vise 2 - Challenger Vise 3 - Royal

The 3 South Pacific  VISE & TOOLS wooden boxed kits have all you need in way of vise & tools to get yourself into fly tying. Vise and tools are constructed of high quality brass/steel. Everything is housed in a solid felt-lined lacqued wooden box.
Vise Kits Include:

  • 3 Fly Tying Vises to choose from in the dropdown menu below 
  • C-clamp & Flat base
  • Scissors
  • Bullet bobbin  
  • Thumb bobbin
  • Small Hackle pliers
  • Large Hackle pliers
  • Whip finisher
  • Half Hitch tools
  • Dubbing twister
  • Threader
  • Hair stacker
  • Tweezer
  • Bodkin
  • Felt-Lined Wooden box  

Complete 35pc Fly Tying Materials Pack 25pc Fly Tying Materials Kit

This fantasic range of tying materails will have you equiped & ready to tie hundreds of flies including drys,nymphs, streamer and salt flies. The DVD will guide you using materials from this pack.

  • 1. Chenille in 2 insect colours
  • 2. Wool for bodies
  • 3. Patch of Northern Wolf Fur
  • 4. Leech Wrap
  • 5. Spawn Strip
  • 6. Larva Lace
  • 7. Patch of Fox
  • 8. Stream Glow
  • 9. Poly Fibre ....Perfect Mayfly bodies and wings
  • 10. Bugger Wrap...Perfect body material for the Woolly Bugger
  • 11. Muskrat Patch...Under-fur for dubbing and guard hair for wings etc.
  • 12. Mink Patch .. the BEST dubbing with super float guard hair for drys
  • 13. Rabbit Patch...Dry Fly Wings, Dubbing, or zonker strips
  • 14. Egg Yarn Wool....and great Body material
  • 15. Patch of Racoon
  • 16. Pheasant
  • 17. Wet hackle feathers
  • 18. Sparkle Flash
  • 19. Olive Dubbing
  • 20. Holographic Lazer Wing
  • 21. Wonder Wing
  • 22. Marabou feathers
  • 23. Pheasant Tail
  • 24. Hollow Mylar Braid
  • 25. Spool of Thread


Fly Tying Kit DVD

The DVD that comes with the kit provides step-by-step instruction on tying a selection of the most valuable trout flies.

TYING FLIES THAT CATCH FISH We also sell the LEFT KREH DVD's that further explore the fabulous world of fly tying Trout,Salt & Bass flies.

All the above items are also available seperately - you'll find each of them on the website !

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