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Complete 25pc Fly Tying Materials Pack

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Complete 25pc Fly Tying Materials Pack

Product Information

25pc Fly Tying Materials Kit + DVD 

This fantasic range of tying materails will have you equiped & ready to tie hundreds of flies including drys,nymphs, streamer and salt flies. The DVD will guide you using materials from this pack. 


1.            Chenille in 2 insect colours

2.            Wool for bodies

3.            Patch of Northern Wolf Fur

4.            Leech Wrap

5.            Spawn Strip

6.            Larva Lace

7.            Patch of Fox

8.            Stream Glow

9.            Poly Fibre ....Perfect Mayfly bodies and wings

10.          Bugger Wrap...Perfect body material for the Woolly Bugger

11.          Muskrat Patch...Under-fur for dubbing and guard hair for wings etc.

12.          Mink Patch .. the BEST dubbing with super float guard hair for drys

13.          Rabbit Patch...Dry Fly Wings, Dubbing, or zonker strips

14.          Egg Yarn Wool....and great Body material

15.          Patch of Racoon

16.          Pheasant

17.          Wet hackle feathers

18.          Sparkle Flash

19.          Olive Dubbing

20.          Holographic Lazer Wing 

21.          Wonder Wing

22.          Marabou feathers

23.          Pheasant Tail

24.          Hollow Mylar Braid

25.          Spool of Thread


  A 'value for money' material kit containing a fantastic range of 25 items at only around $2.50 each/pk + DVD !





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